About The Artist


“I’m the underdog that nobody wants to give a chance. The last thing someone wants to do is give a listen to a new unsigned hip hop artist, but that’s okay. MY HUNGER, AND MY TALENT IS GOING TO FORCE PEOPLE TO LISTEN.” – Dre-Rich

Life forever changed November 4, 2012. The birth of my only child, Serenity, was something I wasn’t prepared for, literally! Sleeping in a jail cell, it wasn’t until the next morning, November 5, 2012, that I even got word that she was successfully delivered. Words can’t describe the feelings of failure I felt at that moment. However, MUSIC seemed to be the only way to alleviate stress when contact with the outside world was eliminated. So without further ado, “Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow: The Audiobook,” is much more than a get rich scheme. Written mostly while I was incarcerated, and recorded upon release from jail, it contains the thoughts and dreams of a man unfazed by the harsh realities of life.

“We’re all KINGS and QUEENS, and we all have DREAMS. Dr. King said his first. Now its time for the world to hear the dreams that I have.” – Dre-Rich

Currently I’m unsigned, and independent; being the bearer of all investing it does become a problem at times. But, my belief in God keeps me moving forward. Eventually all the hard work, and huge amounts of money spent will pay off.

“Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow: The Audiobook,” is for you, and its for me. JUST REMEMBER WHO SAID IT FIRST.

For more info on “Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow: The Audiobook,”

CLICK HERE: https://drerich.wordpress.com/the-audiobook/




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