“I am a student of the game, and I am always looking learn something new to develop business suaveness. If you think you know something that could benefit my business, feel free to drop some knowledge. Each one, Teach one.” – Dre-Rich

I am currently looking for the full package far as musical promotion is concerned. In the need for managers, publicists, and distributors. I will only consider doing business dealings with people and/or businesses that contact me, expressing their interest to work together. INVESTORS are certainly welcome to invest in my future workings and projects. I have a THOROUGH business plan completed for my business, detailing not only GOALS (and its estimated cost) but the TIME FRAME in which I would like to have them completed by. Furthermore, for all other business inquires, feel free to contact my business email address:

MANAGERS, PUBLICISTS, and DISTRIBUTORS specializing in artist development, please feel free to send further information to my business email address:

PRODUCERS and ARTIST looking to collaborate, send further information to my artist email address:

Any HIP HOP SITES and BLOGGERS looking to use my music, or conduct an interview,  contact me using my business email:


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