The Audiobook


Creating the project,  “Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow: The Audiobook,” as an artist I wanted to deliver a concept that was beyond the thinking’s of a typical unsigned artist. This project in its entirety was inspired by one huge event in hip hop. That event being the meeting between Mr. Dame Dash and Mr. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. I can only imagine the instantaneous connection Dame Dash had for Jay-Z for when he first heard him spit a 16. IN NO WAY AM I COMPARING MYSELF TO JAY-Z OR DAME DASH. However, I wanted to create a project LOOSELY chronicling the story of a hip hop artist being introduced into the hip hop game until that final big hooray, “Grammy Night.” I think this project is something any artist, DJ, manager, A&R, publicist, videographer, or fan can find some appreciation in. Listening to the story of an artist who begins by preparing a demo to obtain a manager until the inevitable. But, the question is can he do it??? Can he surpass his wildest dreams and obtain that piece of hardware cementing the legacy of a ICON.

On January 13, 2014, I will be beginning the difficult task of creating this CLASSIC hip hop project in the matter of hours. Not only that but I will be recording the project,               “Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow: The Audiobook,” in chronological order from the first track to the very last song. To further strengthen the authenticity of my workings, I will be filming visuals documenting this historic event.

Beginning January 17, 2014, I will begin releasing a six part documentary showing the recording of process of a hip hop artist going from BROKE TODAY to RICH TOMORROW literally. Naturally I will explain how the project compares to my life. Furthermore  during this documentary I will also address numerous issues within hip hop, giving my take on everything from the state of Hip Hop to how I feel New York artist could recapture its prominence as the leaders in Hip Hop again.  Upon the showing of the sixth documentary, I will release the finished project, “Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow: The Audiobook.” At which point it can be determined if I succeeded in this difficult task or not. Who said CLASSICS can’t be made in a day????




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